The course Fault diagnosis of photovoltaic systems using infrared thermal imaging cameras” is based on the fundamentals of quantitative thermography and the safe use of thermal imaging camera technology.
Focus of this training is the successful troubleshooting photovoltaic systems. This is in connection with the construction, commissioning, acceptance and regular monitoring of PV systems.

We see the intensification of basic knowledge on the components, operating principles, connection methods, modes and function of PV systems, as a key prerequisite.
In typical failure patterns and error characteristic is trained intensely and explicitly stated. Further, this training provides insights into the material science, technology and manufacturing of photovoltaic components in the research and PV test method by the manufacturers in general. This topic starting with the individual solar cell, module generators to PV systems and energy parks.

Typische Herangehensweisen im präparativen Sinne, die Mess- Durchführungen unter diversen ambienten Einflüssen sind ebenso Gegenstand der Ausbildung, wie das Einhergehen von Sicherheits- hinweisen.
Einen theoretischen Übergang bildet der Teil über die Doku- mentation und dem dokumentenechten Reporting festgestellter Auffälligkeiten.

Typical approaches on a preparative sense, the measurementthroughs under various ambient influences are also the subject of education, such as the Go Along with safetypoint.
A theoretical junction forms the part of the documentation and the indelible Reporting of detected abnormalities.