irMOTION PREMIUM plus meassuring and dokumentation

irMOTION PREMIUM plus provides expanded analytic functions, linie profiles, ISO-therms, histogram, dew point and diverse calculation models

PREMIUM plus provides extended more in-depth analysis features as line profiles and histogram chart. Setting numerous measurement points, line profiles, poly lines and multiple area figures regarding their individually emissivity and local reflected temperatures are standard. Illustrating of corrected local temperature conditions, automatic span calculation for object-related temperature scales, x/T-diagram as time plotting and minimized statistical evaluation are obligatory. ISO-Therms view, dew point and atmospherically calculation model, selective filtration of relevant temperatur events, distribution chart for lines and areas and statistic image analysis function. Image subtraction and Integrated high resolution visual camera for IR/Vis Fusiony translucency representation of Infrared images in a semi-transparent Mixedmode-condition. Further there is project-related object administration as custom form based (Templates) Reporting-kit with export function to RTF or PDF Documents.



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