irPOD HD IR Highspeed camera, thermal imager Avio InfReC R450

Progressive high resolution thermal imager camera as powerful infrared thermography instrument with Panoramic, wide angle and mircroscopic features

(alternative model toFLIR: FLIR T420bx/ T440bx/ T600/ T620/ T640/ T460/ T660; zu testo: testo 890-1/ 890-2/ 885-1/ 885-2/ 882; zu Infra Tec/ Jenoptik: VarioCAM ® HD research 900 Serie/ HD inspect 700 Serie/ hr inspect 700 Serie/ hr inspect 600 Serie/ hr research 600 Serie/ hr inspect 500 Serie; zu Trotec: Trotec ICX-Serie ICX640P)
FLIR – Forward Looking InfraRed – & IR Imaging & Infrared Thermal Imagers by ebs ATuS GmbH

  • 960 x 720 Pixel Super Resolution as built-in function on 480 x 360 Detector bases
  • Integrated 5.0 Mega Pixel Professional Photography Camera for brilliant daylight pictures
  • Fusion of Infrared image and integrated high resolution visual camera for IR/Vis Fusion
  • Digital single frame and sequential free selectable interval storage on internal SD-Card slot
  • PC-controlled Image analyzing and data logger features with Measure & Reporting Software
  • LED-Light for brighter high resolution color photographs including Laser sighting mechanism

The exclusive uncooled uFPA infrared thermal imager camera provides an outstanding sensor technology, brilliant objectives, high definition LCD-Display and integrated image analyzing features. Temperature resolution ~0,025K at 30°C and 40Hz (S/N Improvement mode)

Thermal Accuracy:

  • +/-1°C or +/-1% of reading (Range 1)
  • Several types with individual thermal measurement ranges InfReC R500EX: -40°C to 650°C InfReC R500Pro: -40°C to 1500°C

Complete with Carry Case, Battery, Charger- and Power Supply including IR Measure- & Reporting Software for your PC on CD-ROM




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The Infrared thermal imaging camera Avio (NEC) Thermal Imager InfReC R450 series provides the following outstanding features:

  • High definition of 960 x 720 Pixels by using Super Resolution & Panoramic function
  • Integrated high resolution 5.0 MP visual camera for 3-step IR/Vis Fusion
  • Brilliant and crisp LCD-Display with swivel and rotation function
  • I.F.O.V.: 0,58 mrad at SR and semi wide angle of 32° FOV
  • Auto focusing with manual function, Auto Span and combination of both
  • USB-Interface for camera control via PC for radiometric image & video storage
  • Measurement range from -40°C to 650°C e.g. -40°C to 1500°C
  • Thermal Resolution: 0,025K at 40 Hz and 30°C (S/N mode)
  • Multilingual full graphical operating surface
  • Storage of all Image- and Measurement data on standard SD memory card
  • Video output for monitoring and recording of video sequences
  • 3-step FUSION technology with visual and infrared image
  • Professional design with metallic chassis
  • Remote control with button keys (as standard accessory)
  • extremely light weight for easy handling and drone (copter) integration

Catalog InfReC R450

We recommend the irPOD HD IR Highspeed camera, thermal imager Avio InfReC R450 for the following applications:

Building ThermographyIndustrial ThermographyPhotovoltaic ThermographyPhotovoltaic ThermographyPreventive MaintenanceResearch & Development

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