irPOD ULIRVISION Pocket Thermal Camera T2

Extremely mobile thermal imaging camera as powerful infrared thermography system equipped with wide angle lens and easy operation structure.

(alternative model to FLIR: FLIR One/ C2/ E4/ E5/ E6/ E8/ E40/ E50/ E60, FLIR E4/E5/E6/E8, FLIR E40bx/ E50bx/ E60bx/ T420/ T440/ T420bx zu testo: testo 885-1/ 885-2/ 882/ 870-1/ 870-2/ 875-1i/ 875-2i/ 876; zu Fluke: Fluke Ti400/ Ti32; zu Infra Tec/ Jenoptik: VarioCAM ® hr research 400 Serie/ mobileIR E9/ mobileIR E9/ mobileIR M8/ mobileIR M4; zu Trotec: Trotec IC-Serie IC080LV/ IC120LV)
FLIR – Forward Looking InfraRed – Infarotsysteme & Wärmebildkameras von ebs ATuS GmbH

irPOD ULIRVISION T2 is a high cost-effective hand-held thermal camera for beginners without any professional training. It is convenient to carry and can be put into the pocket, also it is quick to start equipped and supports various measurement methods. It can be used in temperature measurement areas such as electric industry, industrial inspection, car manufacturer facilities, security, building inspection and leak detection as well.


 684,25 inkl. MwSt.

 575,00 (ex. VAT)


Lieferzeit: Standard (22 days)

  • 3.5” screen, auto rotation
  • Small volume
  • Quick start, measuring at any time
  • Various measurement methods
  • 3 button keyboard, beginner friendly
  • 50° to view, easy to discover problems
  • USB interface to charge and transmit data
Item (Grätetyp) T2
Detector Data (Detektordaten)
Type (Typ) Uncooled FPA
IR resolution (Auflösung) 80×60
Pixel pitch (Pitchmaß) 17μm
Spectral range (Spektralbereich) 7.514μm
NETD/Sensitivity (Sensitivität) 70mK
Lens Data (Optik)
FOV (Gesichtsfeld) 50°× 37.5°
Image performance (Darstellung)
Display (Monitor) 3.5” (~89mm) 480×320 pixels
Frequency (Wiederholfrequenz) 9Hz
Focus mode (Fokussierung) Fixed
Color palettes (Farbpaletten) Iron, rainbow and white hot
Measurement (Messung)
Temperature range (Temperaturmessbereich) -20°C+150°C
Measurement accuracy (Messgenauigkeit) ±2°C/±2%
Emission correction (Emissionsgradkorrektur) Adjustable from 0 to 0.95, or selected from list of materials
D:S (Formatverhältnis) 15:1
Measurement modes (Messfunktionen) Spot(center) mode, capture max./min./avg.temperature automatically
Image storage (Bildspeicher)
Storage capacity (Speicherkapazität) 800
Storage format (Speicherformat) JPG
Interface (Schnittstellen)
Power interface (Ladefunktion)) Yes
Data transmission (Datenübertragung) USB3.0 Type-C
Power System (Spannungsversorgung)
Battery type (Akku Typ) Rechargeable Li-ion battery
Operating time (Laufzeit pro Ladung) >4h
Charging type (Ladetyp) USB
External power (externe Spannungsversorgung) DC: 5V
Environmental Parameters (Umgebungsbedingungen)
Operating temperature range (Betriebstemperatur) 0°C+45°C
Storage temperature range (Lagerungstemperatur) -20°C+55°C
Encapsulation (Schutzklasse) IP54
Physical Data (weitere Angaben)
Size (Größe) 125mm×72mm×16mm
Weight (Gewicht) 173g
Others (Weiteres)
Sensor (Sensor) Direction sensor
Standard packing (Standard-Lieferumfang) Pocket thermal camera, power adapter, USB Type-C cable, user manual, warranty card, certification

Datenblatt irPOD ULIRVISION Taschenformat Wärmebildkamera T2

We recommend the irPOD ULIRVISION Pocket Thermal Camera T2 for the following applications:

Automation / Quality AssuranceBuilding ThermographyElectrothermographyIndustrial ThermographyPhotovoltaic ThermographyResearch & Development

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