irPOD Compact IR thermal imaging camera, thermal imager S30 Ethernet LAN

Thermal imager camera with integrated color video CMOS, Ethernet LAN Interface, IP67 protected housing and SDK software for multiple integration

(alternative model to FLIR A65 /FLIR A35 / FLIR A15/ FLIR A5; zu Infra Tec/ Jenoptik: VarioCAM ® HD head 900 Serie/ HD head security Serie/ HD head 600 Serie/ hr head 400 Serie/ PIR uc 25; zu Optris: optris PI450/ PI200/ PI230/ PI160)
FLIR – Forward Looking InfraRed – & IR Imaging & Infrared Thermal Imagers by ebs ATuS GmbH

Smart uFPA industrial Infrared Bolometer camera version for fixed installed applications under extreme environment conditions as process-/ production control, environment surveillance, fire warning systems, research & development.

This radiometric Thermal Imager provides an integrated CMOS- Video camera built-in a dust- & splash water IP67 cabinet, which protects the camera unit against extreme ambient dirty environment. Optional housings are available with air purchase as beam tunnel cleaning device or with heater or cooler as a temperature protection against influences from outside.


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 3.850,00 (ex. VAT)


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The Infrared detector provides QQVGA resolution. An Ethernet LAN interface allow real-time recording up to 8.5 Hz. A Software Development Kit (SDK) for easy customized integration is included.

uFPA IR thermographic camera with:
28°(H) x 21°(V) standard manual focus lens incl. macro function and CMOS video camera

Alternative measurement ranges to select:
Measurement range W: -20°C to 350°C
Measurement range H:     0°C to 600°C

Integration software:
SDK allows an easy integration in given applications or diverse software structures
(also for LabView, MatLAB).

Standard in-/outputs:
Video (PAL/NTSC/ Video)

Digital interfaces:
LAN Ethernet Network
(Local Area Network, Intranet and Internet for remote-diagnostics and maintenance
with SDK and compatible to irMOTION OBSERVER)

Several cameras units can be integrated and controlled in a security monitoring system via server/client connections. The whole bandwidth of infrared measurement technique and simple identification algorithms are available for thermal process controlling and individual specified judgment.

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We recommend the irPOD Compact IR thermal imaging camera, thermal imager S30 Ethernet LAN for the following applications:

Automation / Quality AssuranceElectrothermographyIndustrial ThermographyMedical ApplicationsPhotovoltaic ThermographyTraffic Monitoring

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