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This e-Shop offers companies, adult merchants, craftsman and in cooperate legal persons the opportunity without the right of return for beneficially purchasing ebs ATuS GmbH products which further also could be viewed under www.irPOD.net Private persons, minors, and underage buyers is it not permitted to access this e-Shop.

Terms of use

The following conditions are applicable to the access and use of information and material on offer on this internet sitewww.irPOD.net (irPOD Shop). Every user of the internet site is expected to exercise caution and carefully read and understand these conditions. Use of this internet site presumes the acknowledgement and acceptance of these terms of use:

Offer of Information
Information is made available to the user on the internet site of the provider. This information stems, in part, directly from the provider, and, in part, from the cooperation partners of the provider.
The provider cannot ensure immediate announcement of current changes concerning information, for example, sudden changes in product information and company reports. The underlying time zone also has to be taken into account.

The provider makes a concerted effort, within reason, to ensure that the information provided by the internet site is correct and complete.
The internet site introduces products and discloses product information at the discretion of the provider. Presentation of this information does not create any warranties or guarantees of any kind. Comprehensive information is exclusively disclosed upon request by the currently responsible staff member of the provider or by the provider’s business partner. The responsible contact person is available on request at the following e-Mail address: info@irpod.net

The provider is neither liable for nor warrants or guarantees the accuracy or completeness of the information available on its internet site, or that the information is up-to-date. The provider is neither liable for nor warrants or guarantees the accuracy or completeness of the information available on its internet site or all direct or indirect links on or from the internet site, or that such information is up-to-date. The provider does not warrant that the information provided through direct or indirect links does not infringe the rights, including without limitation, intellectual property rights, of any third parties. The provider is not liable for any errors or omissions occurring on any linked sites made by creators and/or publishers of those sites. The appearance of links does not constitute an endorsement, sponsorship, affiliation or recommendation by the provider.

The provider is not liable for direct or indirect damages; including lost profits, special, incidental or consequential, of every kind and nature, known and unknown, suspected or unsuspected, disclosed and undisclosed, arising out of or in connection with the information available on the internet site.

No Offer of Contract and No Consultation
The contents of the internet site do not represent an offer of contract nor financial (or other) advice. The internet site introduces discretionary products and discloses discretionary product information. This information does not contain any quality assurances. Access and use of the information on the internet site does not precipitate a contractual relationship between the provider and the user.
In particular, the internet site does not offer replacement for advice on the use of products or other matters. The contents of the internet site are not to be understood as a recommendation for certain product applications or the refrain from certain product uses without prior individual consultation pertaining to the needs and the complete situation of the user. This applies particularly to the help modules on offer, in which largely standardized information is made available, and is not to be understood as an individual consultation.
Obligatory information is exclusively assigned on demand by the responsible employees of the provider or by sales partners of the provider, respectively. An enquiry can be addressed to the contact person responsible at the following e-Mail address: info@irpod.net

Links of offers from third parties on undersides, subdirectories or files on the presence of the provider are only permitted upon prior written approval of the provider. The same is valid for the incorporation of the internet sites offer of information, in part or in whole, into a third party’s offer by using “frames” (embedded windows).
The provider is not liable for the contents of third party providers sites to which the internet site refers to directly or indirectly by “links”. For legal reasons, the provider cannot nor does he try to control the information that business partners or users provide, which is made available through this site. This site is only a venue. The provider shall be not held responsible for the content on any page opened by such a link. Provider has no control over the quality, safety, or legality of the information provided by others. Each company, other than provider, that provides information on or through the site is responsible for its own content as presented on an e-business platform or otherwise. While the provider does not possess specific knowledge on such pages nor does he examine the content thereon, provider expects that the user will use caution and common sense at all times when using this site.

Copyright/ Rights of Use
The content of the internet site is protected by copyright. All rights are reserved.
The user of the internet site is afforded the right to temporarily save or download whole, or excerpts, of content made available by the internet site. Permanent saving or duplication of content requires the consent of the provider. An enquiry concerning the above mentioned consent can be made at: info@irpod.net

Privacy Protection
The provider treats all the personal data in his possession with respect. All levied, processed and utilised personal information is subject to the respective national and European privacy protection regulations, in particular the Telecommunications Service Privacy Protection Law. The appropriate privacy protection referral has been taken into account.

German law is exclusively applied.
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