ebs ATuS GmbH – Infrared Systems introduces the latest Version of civil remote controlled thermography copters for radiometric thermal imaging airborne application.


Video recording and storage of radiometric thermal images, including optional daylight recordings, make work extremely easier and also reduce costs and time to a fraction of the previous effort. The image stability of all new models via the optimized camera carriers and a completely new software for flight control and flight stabilization have been significantly improved.

From now on, the new electronic shift of the coordinates of the geo-position via the joystick makes it possible to fly permanently with GPS assistance to the meter. Drifting and turning away the copter when changing loads, is also a thing of the past. The result is image-stable camera movements practically as if pulled on a string.

Cut-free tracking shots from zero to a maximum of 500 meters without dolly, without crane and without the otherwise technical and expensive nonsense.

But also, the very tangible flight performance has been improved in many points, for instance with specially manufactured carbon precision propellers, with an increase in the maximum load capacity for large cameras or with the doubling of the maximum flight duration.

Beginners learn to fly drones safely faster than ever before thanks to improved GPS control, automatic altitude control and care-free.

All new aircraft now have a break-resistant frame made of lightweight carbon and now come as complete systems. The standard scope of delivery includes a hard case suitable for air travel, chargers, power supplies and new battery packs with more capacity and lower weight.

Important: In any case and without exception, all legal requirements for the operation of such aircraft must be complied with.