AIRBORN Photovoltaic & Industrial THERMAL AERIAL-DRONES 2016

ebs ATuS GmbH – Infrared Systems introduces the latest Version of civil remote controlled thermography copters for radiometric thermal imaging airborne application.


Sensitive thermal sensitivity combined with high geometric resolution (160×120; 320×240; 640×480 und 1280×960 Pixels)

THERMAL IMAGING INFRARED CAMERA Avio Thermal Imager Thermo SHOT F30SF30W, R300SR und Thermal Imager InfReC R500 (High Definition) Images are even samples

Fly-Training with Thermal Imaging Camera

Inspection of Photovoltaic systems and industrial areas with Octocopter and Thermal Imaging Camera
Being better than just “primus inter pares” – this was always our dictum and initializing point for creating products with a high degree of acceptance. Our sensitive feeling for customer needs and high sophisticated ingredients for establishing product of latest technologies assures excellent acceptance in each application.

The new drone models as the second generation provides even new special thermal imagers complete with video recordings and digital storing capabilities of radiometric thermal images and Integrated high resolution visual camera for IR/Vis Fusions for inspection and diagnosis flights over photovoltaic systems and larger solar plants.

Only in Germany there are uncountable photovoltaic installation and meanwhile more than 1.200 solar parks that requires a multitude number of upward revision events and diagnostic inspections. Using the THERMAL AERIAL-DRONES for inspection purposes, recording and deficiency report creation reduces the costs for such investigation and limit the circumstances concerning preparation and time consuming staging as dolly or tower crane transferring, assembling and disassembling. All this belongs up to now to the past!

The image stability of the new models was greatly enhanced by the new optimized camera mounting device and the complete new software for flight control and flight stabilization. Through the new electronic displacements of the geo-position-coordinates via the joy stick it is now possible to fly precisely with the GPS assistance in permanent mode.

The critical subject – yawing the face away of the copter while load change, also belongs to the past. The result is image stable camera drives, practically seen as drawing on a line. A long time desired and often requested demand from many “air photograph” came through.

Finally the cut-free camera drives from zero to max. 500 meters without dolly etc. is possible. Also the solid flight performance was improved dramatically in many aspects as own manufactured precise carbon propellers, with increased maximum payloads for heavier camera weights or alternative double flight time duration.

Based on these high sophisticated GPS-control facilities as automatic altitude control for instance or care-free features etc., beginners will learn to fly these drones safety and in a shorten time as never before.

All new aircraft drones provides almost unbreakable carbon frame. Further scope of delivery is a flight suitable hard cover carry case, battery charger, power supply as well as advanced batteries with high capacity and lower weight.