irPOD IR thermal imaging camera, thermal imager IP67 with trigger and air purge

Infrared camera for process control with air purge cabinet with cooling function for conditional monitoring, quality checks or security applications

(alternative model to FLIR A300 f / FLIR A310 f / FLIR A310 pt; zu Infra Tec/ Jenoptik: VarioCAM ® HD head 900 Serie/ HD head security Serie/ HD head 600 Serie/ hr head 400 Serie/ PIR uc 25; zu Optris: optris PI400/ PI450)
FLIR – Forward Looking InfraRed – & IR Imaging & Infrared Thermal Imagers by ebs ATuS GmbH

Thermal Imager in an IP67 Cabinet with Air-Purge and optional cooling, digital long term hard disc recording and trigger signal to a control unit.

This multiple thermal imaging system PROTEBS-1TB is an immediately operational control mechanism for a wide range of applications.

PROTEBS-1TB is integrated in an IP67 protected cabinet and covers nearly all temperature ranges and offers an excellent spatial resolution with zoom option. The standard semi-wide angle image sensor delivers high-frequency sequences of thermal sceneries and provides diverse field of view as well as flexible focusing distances to desired objects.

A standard air-purge system allows operating in a massively polluted atmosphere. The air-flow even allows an optional cooling of the camera housing which finally makes the equipment suitable for applications in harshest environment.

The trigger signal transmits any detection impulses as a result of conducted analytic investigation which can be transferred preferable via long distances. This paves the way for anomalies occurring alerts, operation of signal lights, horn or warning alarms to the control room (automatic e-mail delivery, etc.). A standard Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) ensures a permanent “up-time” to prevent sudden power failures.

The comprehensive recordings of radiometric image movie sequences incl. minimum statistics, hot-/ cold of neuralgic areas (ROIs) are to be secure stored digitally on a monitor-based 1TB memory for days. The preferably installation location is within control stations, in a switch-box cabinet or in gray areas of industrial facilities. The days possible event logging allows a so-called “review” of abnormalities without interruption of continuous detection.


  • Process enhancement
  • Production control
  • Conditional monitoring
  • Security & Observation
  • Remote sensing & fire prevention


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Technical specification and scope of delivery
Thermal imaging system withprotection cabinet IP67 Aluminum
protection housing
chassis with air-purge
Compressed air
up to 5 bar
Detector uFPA Micro
Image Frequency 60 Hz
Geometrical resolution 320 x 240 Pixels
Wavelength 7,5 … 13 µm
Standard Measuring Range -40 °C… +
60 °C (high resolution)-40 °C… +
120 °C-40 °C …+ 500 °C
+ 1500 °C (high
temperature)(flexible measurement ranges, free selectable)
Field of view (FOV) up to 32 ° x
24 ° angle of view
Thermal sensitivity (NETD) 0,06 K e.g. 0,04 K at SN-I
Interfaces USB 2.0 and PAL/ NTSC Video-out
Process-trigger-signal (break contact) ≤ 24V
Environment temperature -15 …+50 °C (no cooling)
Relative humidity up to 90 %, (not
Shock and Vibration 30G, IEC 68-2-29 / 3G, IEC 68-2-6
Adaption flexible screw
terminal (series)
Power supply USP with efficient rechargeable battery
Monitoring system with Mass-Storage large sized LCD
Display with keyboard unit and Remote control incl. integrated 1 TB HDD
Long term recording with selective Review function and Ethernet-LAN digital recording
of process cycles and critical event detection for several days (ring buffer)

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We recommend the irPOD IR thermal imaging camera, thermal imager IP67 with trigger and air purge for the following applications:

Automation / Quality AssuranceElectrothermography


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