irPOD High resolution IR thermal imaging camera, thermal imager TI600S with WiFi und Bluetooth

Thermography infrared camera with high resolution uFPA detector and integrated 5MP Photography camera with optional tele photo and wide angle lens

FLIR – Forward Looking InfraRed – & IR Imaging & Infrared Thermal Imagers by ebs ATuS GmbH

irPOD TI600S is with cutting-edge thermal imaging technology; provide high performance with 5MP visual camera, interchangeable lens, large 5” tilt-swivel LCD, manual & auto focus. Thermal imaging cameras TI600S is with ergonomic design, super image quality, multiple measurements, providing powerful assistance for thermographers to have the most efficient instrument for maintenance inspections. ULIRvision TI600S has a wide range temperature measurement to satisfy variety of thermograph applications, they enable you to identify the small temperature difference that could cause big problems. The thermal imaging camera system as an all-rounder The instrument provides practically features as USB Real-time Interface to PC, video recording function, laser pointer and voice recording facility. TI600S is a light weight thermal imager (1.3kg) with semi-wide angle standard lens, internal Video Image storage and 5.600 IR-images memory (8GB), multilingual easy using operating environment, Video-/ Audio-output, extreme large flexible color LCD-Display, measurement features as Point-/ Box-/ and Line- function with Hot-/Cold- spot-indicator for over- and under temperature display, dew point detection, ISO-thermal screen including Laser pointer for target locating and LED-Light. The temperature extension range up to 1200°C is an optional feature.


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  • WiFi und Bluetooth Connectivity for wireless Communication
    especially for thermal imaging camera remote-control commands-and significant data transmission
  • High IR resolution Crisp thermal images with up to 307,200 pixels (640 x 480 pixels) for the powerful temperature measurement.
  • Excellent thermal image and high accuracy temperature measurement ±2°C or ±2% of reading of accuracy, <60mK/ 45mK S/N impr.-mode thermal sensitivity to provide reliable performance.
  • Folding and 270°rotatable display Folding and rotatable display delivers clear view in any position during thermographing.
  • Auto/Motor focus for one-hand operation With auto/motorized focus, user can focus any thermal image quickly and easily.
  • Bright LED light, Laser pointer Helps user to locate objects easily and operate thermal images in poor light ambience.
  • Built-in digital camera 5.0 megapixel resolutions provide clear visual images to aid in reporting.
  • Wide temperature measurement range Covering a standard temperature range of -20°C to 600°C up to 1200°C for optional.
  • 60sec voice annotation Allows user to take quick voice comments on every thermal image, the voice annotation will be stored with the thermal images together.
  • Interchangeable IR lens, with wide-angle & telephoto lens option larger overview and more details images for measurement objects during inspections.
  • Scalable P-I-P and Thermal fusion Overlay thermal and visual images for easy location and clear documentation.
  • Multiple Measurement Provide 4 measurement spots, 3 box areas, Delta-T temperature differential, isotherm, and auto hot/cold/average spot recognition.
  • Real-time thermal video transfer to PC via USB and remote transfer via MSN and Skype Multi-transferring real-time thermal video offer fast and convenient thermograph results.
  • New generation IRSee analysis software Free IRSee analysis software comes with TI400, IRSee allows users to analyze thermal images and visible images, and export all information into Microsoft Office Word, and Users can edit reports easily.

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