Professional thermal imager Avio Thermo GEAR G120EX

Panoramic infrared thermal imager with semi wide angle lens, fully auto focus, voice annunciation, Laser visor, LED-light at 800g low weight

(alternative model to FLIR: FLIR E40/ E50/ E60, FLIR E4/E5/E6/E8, FLIR E40bx/ E50bx/ E60bx/ T420/ T440/ T420bx zu testo: testo 885-1/ 885-2/ 882/ 870-1/ 870-2/ 875-1i/ 875-2i/ 876; zu Fluke: Fluke Ti400/ Ti32; zu Infra Tec/ Jenoptik: VarioCAM ® hr research 400 Serie/ mobileIR E9/ mobileIR M8/ mobileIR M4; zu Trotec: Trotec IC-Serie IC080LV/ IC120LV)
FLIR – Forward Looking InfraRed – & IR Imaging & Infrared Thermal Imagers by ebs ATuS GmbH

Q-VGA QVGA + Full-Autofocus + Voice recording + Laser marker + LED-illuminator + 800 g light weight + 4 h battery operating + Multilingual user surface + Wide angle std. lens + Makro- function + radiometric JPG Image format + SD-Card drive + Alert I/O Interface + Dust-& splashwater protection (IP54)

Geometrical resolution up to 1280 e.g. 960 real image Pixel without interpolation

uFPA Infrared Thermal Imager hand held camera with movable color LCD-Display, large internal Image Memory, selectable Li-Ion long life chargeable battery, integrated Laser-Pointer and Integrated high resolution visual camera for IR/Vis Fusion. geometrical resolution of the IR-Sensor: QVGA
standard measurement range: -40°C to 1.500°C
emission value and atmosherical compensation mode

Complete with Carry Case, Battery, Charger- and Power Supply including IR Measure- & Reporting Software for your PC on CD-ROM


Price on request inkl. MwSt.


Lieferzeit: Standard (22 days)

Camera operation with a multilingual user surface, temperature resolution 0,04K SN-I at 30°C, light weight, shock proof (800g) housing with dust & splash water protection (IP54), SD-Memory Card and USB-2 interface for single and interval saving routines of thermo graphic and visual images, interactive user guidance with comfortable camera control-, measurement-, image processing- and analyzing software (emissivity correction), USB-2 interface line image data transmission, built-in battery holder, PAL/NTSC composite video and power supply connector for international compatibility.




Measuring Range -40°C to 1.500°
Resolution 0.04K SN-I at 30°C
Accuracy ±2°C or ±2% of reading, whichever is greater
Infrared Detector Un-cooled FocalPlane Array
Thermal Image Pixels 320 (H) x 240 (V)pixels
Spectral Range 8 – 14µm
Field of View 32°(H) x 24°(V)(Standard lens fl – 14mm)
Spartial Resolution 1.78mrad
Focusing Range 10cm to infinity (standard lens)
A/D Resolution 14 bits
Automatic Focus Provided
Setting of Level/Sense/Span Auto / Manual
Operation SupportFunction Setting of item / Each function / Status is displayed by icon
Multiple LanguageMenu 16 Languages (English, Danish, Dutch, Finish, French,German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish,Swedish, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese)
Correcting Functions Correction for Emissivity, Distance, Environmental Reflection andBackground
Averaging and MedianFilter Provided
Edge Enhancement Provided No
Thermal / VisualImage Fusion Fusion Display of Thermal Image / Visual Image, Parallel Display ofThermal Image / Visual Image
Colour Palette Rainbow, Iris, Brightness, Colour, Hot Iron, Hot Black, Hot White
Graduation 256, 16 and 8 tones
Thumbnail Display 9 image display
Digital Zoom 1 to 4 times
Panoramic ShootingFunction Provided (ScanSynthesis) No
MultipointTemperature Display 5 points
MultipointEmissivity Correction 5 points
Emissivity BackCalculation Function Provided
Temperature Difference Between Two Points Provided
Temperature Analysis Function in AssignedRegion Temperature display of Max / Min / Average in assigned region (5 piecesof BOX)
Profile Horizontal /Vertical
Temperature SearchFunction Searching Max / Min Temperature, automatic display of each position
Alarm Function Mode: Alarm Sound, Alarm Display, Vibration(G120 only), Colour Alarm ON / OFF Setting Determination Temperature, External AlarmOutput
Storage Device SD Card, corresponding to SDHC
Thermal Image Movie Provided (10fps) Storage to SD card No
Still Image JPEG with Temperature data, 14 bits
Interval Recording 3s to 60 min, automatic recording of Thermal Image
Event TriggerRecording Provided
USB 2.0 Mass StorageFunction
Alarm Output Non-voltage ContactOutput
Video Output NTSC / PAL Changeover (Simultaneous use is unable with LCD)
Laser Pointer Provided (Class-2Red colour)
Visual Camera Integrated high resolution visual camera for IR/Vis Fusion
LED Light Provided
Voice Annotation 30 sec Recording / Replay per Image
Test Annotation Read in maximum 256 characters from SD card and attach them on ThermalImage
Display Unit 3.5″ (~8,89cm diag.) Colour LCD Monitor (320 x 240) with Tilt function andbrightness control
PC Software InfReC Analyzer NS9500LT (Limited Function Version) provided as standardaccessory
Standard Accessories Hard Case, Battery Pack, BatteryCharger, Ac Adapter, Wristband, Operation Manual
Battery Lithium-ion Battery Pack (2500mAh) Operation Time: 4 hours typical
AC Power (ACAdapter) 100V to 240V AC,50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 4.3W typical
OperatingTemperature/Humidity -15°C to 50°C, 90%RH
Vibration/Shock 29.4m/sec (3G) / 294m/sec (30G)
EMC Compliant to CE (Class-A)
Dust-proof / Splash-proof Construction IP54 Equivalent
Dimensions 138 mm (W) x 212 mm (H) x 76 mm(D)



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We recommend the Professional thermal imager Avio Thermo GEAR G120EX for the following applications:

Building ThermographyMedical ApplicationsPhotovoltaic ThermographyPhotovoltaic ThermographyPreventive MaintenanceResearch & Development

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